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Go Wild in California

Throughout California, the bursts of yellow, orange and red that explode across landscapes as varied as mountain tops to desert scrub indicate the arrival of spring. Wildflower season gives visitors a picturesque background to enjoy while exploring the Golden State on foot, bike or by car. From the coast to the interior, here are some of the best spots to see the rare botanical phenomenon that is the Superbloom.

Siskiyou Superbloom
Unlike the Superbloom in desert locations, the wildflowers at Lava Beds National Monument in Northeastern California bloom from March until September. You’ll see everything from dainty Yellow Bells to tall Desert Indian Paintbrush. Hike the Thomas-Wright Battlefield Trial to view the best wildflower display.

Azalea Parade
Throughout April and May, pink and white blossoms provide a feast for the eyes and nose as western azaleas blanket Azalea State Natural Reserve in Humboldt. The 30-acre park offers a short self-guided trail. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy an alfresco lunch amid the flowers.

Almond Blossoms
For four weeks in spring, Modesto is awash in more than 1.5 million acres of white and pink almond blossoms. With the downloadable Wayfarer audio tour, visitors can enjoy a leisurely Almond Blossom drive through the rolling hills. The self-paced tour stops at Rodin Farms, the perfect place for a picnic in the orchards, Knights Ferry for a river stroll, and Roberts Ferry Gourmet for the ultimate almond butter milkshake.

Peak Viewing
In 2023, the Mori Point Peak Loop in Pacifica was dubbed one of the best places to see the Superbloom in all of California. During April, the easy 3.2-mile trail is awash with wildflowers covering the reddish basalt bluffs of the area. The hike, high above the Pacific Ocean, affords views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on clear days.

Red Hills Hiking
Each spring, the stark landscape of the Red Hills in Tuolumne County undergoes a metamorphosis turning pink, purple, yellow and white with wildflowers. Hiking through the recreation area you may see purple mouse ears, California goldfields or prairie woodland stars. 

Super Blossoms
From mid-February to mid-March each year, the Fresno County Blossom Trail bathes over 70 miles in swatches of pink and white fruit blossoms. You’ll see plum, peach, apple, apricot, citrus and almond blossoms. Along the way, stop at Blossom Trail Fruit Stand, enjoy a glass of wine at Marechal Vineyards, dine at the School House Restaurant & Tavern or jump onboard The Blossom Trail Train at Hillcrest Tree Farm.

Plain Beauty
During spring, wildflowers blanket Carrizo Plain National Monument near San Luis Obispo. This often-overlooked natural area is pristine, brimming with diverse wildlife and rewarding visitors who seek it out with peaceful solitude. 

Life in Death
With its searing temperatures and nominal precipitation, wildflowers in Death Valley are hit or miss each year. But thanks to unprecedented rain, 2024 is expected to be that rare spring that will cause wildflowers to bloom in Death Valley. This year, there is an even rarer occurrence: a large saltwater lake has appeared in Death Valley.

Keep it Super
When Mother Nature waves her magic wand and turns wildflower season into a Superbloom, few places rival Murrieta in beauty. Hike Walker Canyon Trail to see poppies, evening primrose, verbenas and more. Tread lightly to avoid trampling the fragile blooms in Riverside County.

Pops of Poppies
Come spring, Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Northern Los Angeles County is engulfed in the vibrant reds, oranges, pinks and yellows of poppies. Eight miles of trails, including a wheelchair-accessible path, provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy the kaleidoscope of color.

Blooms in Bommer
One of the top spots for hiking and cycling in Orange County, Bommer Canyon Preserve is also one of the best spots in the OC to spot wildflowers. Jump on one of several trails to see sticky monkeyflowers, popcorn flowers, shooting stars and blue hyacinths during spring.

Flower Fields
For over 60 years, The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch has offered one of the most impressive floral displays in the state. From March to May, 55 acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus transform the ranch into a rainbow of color. Take a tractor wagon ride through the rows of flowers, try your hand at design at a flower arranging workshop or enjoy a sunset wine tasting.


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