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Resources & Content

From story ideas, stunning imagery and product inspiration, to award-winning educational tools, Visit California has developed extensive and engaging resources that support trade and media partners as they evolve to support California’s sustainability guiding principles. 

Travel Matters to California

Home to extensive research and insight into the impact and importance of tourism to California’s environment and economy guides visitors through the state’s approach to responsible and sustainable travel, leading the way in preserving California’s abundance for today’s visitors and generations of travelers to come. 

Media & Trade Hub
Designed primarily for media partners and content developers, a visit to provides off-the-beaten path story inspiration, access to an extensive library of video and image content and highlights from Visit California’s targeted market research. 

California STAR
Visit California’s award-winning training platform is the perfect home for trade training materials, digital content, promotional assets and product inspiration. The STAR platform educates trade professionals on the 12 regions of California, and also provides tools designed to support custom product development and inspirational marketing content. California STAR can be found at or via mobile app.

Content Hubs

Find contemporary, beautifully produced content to support story creation and product development supporting California’s sustainability mission and enhanced experiences for your readers, followers and clients.


California 101

Consider this series a crash course on the best things to see and do in the Golden State. The 35-video series takes viewers from the ancient towering redwoods and snow-capped mountains to miles of sunny beaches and breathtaking vineyards.

Hidden Gems

A stunning eight-part series showcasing California’s lesser known experiences. Prepare to embark on a scenic journey of discovery, highlighting experiences that will surprise and delight readers and clients.

California Now

For the latest tourism news from across the state together with inspirational and unique story/trip ideas, look no further than Visit California’s lifestyle website California Now. Experience California like a local, find trip inspiration with regional content and share in the California dream with us.

Visit California has released 20 California Now podcasts for your listening pleasure, available online or on Spotify. Join veteran radio journalist, Soterios Johnson, on a journey of discovery as he explores fascinating and unique aspects of California with local personalities, travel experts, chefs and guides. This entertaining and informative series is a perfect listen on a road trip across the state.

California Road Trip Republic

With exclusive road trip itineraries that span the state and inspire passion-driven journeys, feel inspired to build the ultimate experience for your readers, followers and clients that go beyond the ordinary, the mainstream and the gateway cities.

The California Road Trip Republic hub includes the iconic destinations and countless incredible off-the-beaten-track experiences that showcase why California is the road-trip capital of the world. Enhance the visitor experience by customizing a journey that goes beyond the expected, satisfying passions and leading to exciting new destinations and brag worthy experiences.

People of all kinds, from every corner of the world come to roam, gaze, taste, connect, unplug and discover. These intrepid explorers make their way across California’s 400,000 miles of roadways and 840 miles of coastline, choosing the freedom of travel on their own terms, discovering historic landmarks and monuments, as well as hidden gems and hot spots along the way.

Visit California has developed an inspirational road trips publication, California Road Trips: 50 Life-Changing Adventures, available on Amazon in select global markets and on sale at newsstands and retailers across the United States.

The consumer-direct “bookazine” takes readers on a journey covering 14,000 miles through the 12 regions of California, highlighting over 600 points of interest along the way. Visitors can scan dedicated QR codes for each itinerary, transporting them to a specific digital road trip experience on

This is the California Road Trip Republic — a state and state of mind, destination and life-changing journey — where bold adventurers come in search of bucket-list experiences, awe-inspiring escapades, and transformation through transportation.