A Beginner’s Guide to California’s Craft Beer Scene

There’s always something fabulous cooking in California. And just like in a great restaurant, it all starts with the ingredients. Fortunately, California is home to a 500 mile long supermarket known as the Central Valley. Name it – and it probably grows here. The source of 90 percent of US wine and 400 other food products and commodities, California’s plate is definitely full, especially when you consider the Golden State is also the place where notable culinary trends including sustainable and organic foods, farm-to-table cuisine, fusion cooking and gourmet food trucks were either started or refined.

With more than 800 miles of coastline, California’s rich harvest doesn’t end with orchards and trellises. Beyond the breakers – and at an increasing number of sustainable aquaculture operations – the state’s richness can be experienced through its abundant seafood. If you can’t make it to the orchards or the pier, the next best thing is one of California’s many farmers markets and food festivals. With more than 800 farmers markets (more than anywhere else in the country) and festivals celebrating everything from abalone to zucchini, it’s easy to see why California is always in season.

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