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California’s Watchable Marine Life
In late August and early September, PBS and BBC will collaborate to present Big Blue Live to an international television audience. In six hours of live, primetime television broadcasts – supported by social media, online campaigns and earned media coverage– the two networks will celebrate...
Top 4 Road Trips for California Wine Month in September
You, a convertible and the wide open California road -- what could be a dreamier combination? If you’re a wandering gourmet, the only thing missing from this bucket-list image is California’s iconic wine country. The best time to take a culinary trip is during California Wine Month in...
California’s Emerging Wine and Culinary Destinations
Making up 90 percent of American wine production, California is well known for its popular wine destinations. California is also famous for its restaurants and food destinations featured in movies and television shows. What some people don’t know is that there are many emerging wine and culinary...
The Golden State & the Big Screen: California’s Historic Theatres
Home to Hollywood, California is accustomed to being in the limelight. But in the Golden State, glamour and glitz haven’t just been limited to locales like Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood and Vine. As early as the vaudeville era, grand theaters and movie palaces were built up and down the state...
Good To Go: California's Green Travel Scene
For decades California has burnished its image as the Golden State thanks to its historic Gold Rush days, seemingly endless strands of sun-drenched beaches and being home to a shiny fellow named Oscar who signifies the highest achievements in the film industry. But increasingly, the state is finding...
The Car-Free Way to Experience California's National Parks and Monuments
California offers many experiences to visitors, from its major cities and famous attractions to its beaches and mountains. One experience that shouldn’t be skipped is a visit to at least one of California’s breathtaking national parks. A great way to visit California’s national parks...
10 Bucket-List Worthy California Experiences
California is well known for its abundance of activities and attractions, but did you know you can also encounter one-of-a-kind marvels, both natural and manmade? When you visit, be sure to bring your bucket list, because you’ll definitely have the opportunity to see and do things that exist only...
In The Swim: California Pool Culture
Right up there with the Hollywood sign and the silhouette of palm trees, perhaps there is no more iconic symbol of California than the swimming pool. That may be because the modern swimming pool was essentially created here along with the sun-drenched leisure culture that swims along with it. From the...
California By Design: California Architectual Icons & Landmarks
California is a land of inventive, creative personalities. Combine that with the state’s ever evolving sense of style and determination to be a place of firsts, and it should come as no surprise that the Golden State is home to a remarkable assemblage of world-renowned and award-winning structures....
It’s All in the Mix: 10 California Events Offering Colorful, Cultural Mash-Ups
California loves its hybrids, whether it’s vehicles, fusion cuisine or special events that celebrate the Golden State’s astounding diversity and wealth of resources. We scanned the state to bring you a list of ten “cultural mash-up” events. These events enable you to take part...
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